A friend on Facebook recently posed a question of Science and I felt myself drawn to respond. they asked “WHY DOES PRESSURE INCREASE TEMPERATURE?”  My evil self decided to answer. I answered thus:

Try to think of the relationship of pressure to motion/temperature like this:

put ten people in a room. they may move around some, but people will eventually find an equilibrium point where they are comfortable in their own personal space (except for that annoying couple over there making out, but forget about them for now). occasionally someone will shift, but no one else really minds; they are far enough away. now bring the walls in. at first everyone will condense towards the center, but soon they will filter back out to as comfortable spot as they can manage. now though, when one shifts, it causes him to be too close for the next person’s comfort, causing them to shift. Pressure has increased motion. Let us bring in the walls again. now everyone is too close to everyone else all of the time. everyone shifts back and forth on their feet, desperately trying to feel the comfort of their own personal space. discomfort now raises their body temperature, just as all of the shifting will as well. occasionally they even bump into each other, causing even bigger shifts through the crowd. Pressure has once again increased motion and temperature. once more, we bring the walls in, people are getting irritable now, and those around the couple begin to pull at and hit them to get them to cut it out, becuase it is way too uncomfortable to constantly be touching them while they snog (showing how high pressure/temp affect chemical reactions). when they break up, it causes only more motion and temp while everyone argues, scuffles and shifts away as best they can. again, we bring in the walls. pressure is now at maximum as the people turn their attention away from each other. those on the perimeter are pushing against the walls while those in the center are pushing and clawing at them. so we see that motion/temperature is now raised very high.

we contrast this by what happens next. once we bring in the walls just a bit more, all of the people are crushed to death (in chemistry, we would need another way to change their state, most likely). their body temeratures have now dropped severely and the motion has ended. these things have also brought the pressure way down. thus Pressure is directly related to Motion and Temperature.

This moment of Science has been brought to you by: The National Socialist Party [NAZI]

(Not actual source reference)

I just thought the internet needed that. Good evening.



ok so, it’s not a video game, but it falls under nerd love, so it’s ok

I assume that at least 85% of anyone randomly hitting anything I blog about is a nerd of any stature and either knows already, or would easily fall in love with the show “Firefly” by Joss Whedon. and anyone who knew that show would recognize it’s cast in anything, especially one Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcom Reynolds). They would have followed the trail to his role in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” with co-stars, NPH and Felecia Day, the lady known as Codex in her own internet nerd show, “The Guild”. (but that is aside the point.)
They would recognize River in the recent Terminator TV series (as the terminator) they would recognize wash and the companion in the new rendition of “V” (alas also beside my current point).
but back to Nathan, his newest show is “Castle” a sweet detective show where he stars as, no not a detective, dimwit, as a fiction crime novelist in NY NY best freakin show ever! but in the last season of the show, Castle (Fillion’s character) wrote a book, using his time tailing one of NYPD’s finest (in more ways than one) detective the book was called “Heat Wave”, a reference to the main’s name (Niki Heat). Now as a typical, non-crazy humanoid, I assumed well that’s good for castle, off ion his fictional world making more money off of fictional books, but then I saw… yes, it was, an actual commercial, on my ACTUAL TV, in the ACTUAL commercial break, just a blurb, I wasn’t sure, so of course I checked with the local sage (aka google on my computer) and found it! so can you uess what was on my CHRISTmas list? yup, Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines and COD:Modern Warfare 2, alongside some D&D stuff and what not… but also “Heat Wave”, which I was enthralled to hold in my hand the 26th of December! (we were busy shutit!)
It was like watching another *glorious* episode of my new favorite show (but mayhaps for Firefly) but it lasted for more than an hour! it lasted me a few days (I am a kinda slow reader by nature). perhaps not as long as some novels, but what I find truly amazing, is that, save a few “watch ‘Castle’ on ABC!” ads, it actually remained fully in character, the auther remains Castle, the dedication to his detective, the acknowledgments even thank his daughter Alexis (one of the few show characters not represented in the book)!

so yes, I am THRILLED about this book, this show, this actor, and of course, space cowboys 🙂



oh man, I was supposed to do a bunch of homework last week… but… duude…


Assassins Creed II is sooo amazing that I might fail a class… 😉

but that’s OK because yes, I enjoyed my self quite a bit.


If you loved the first one, as I did, then you’ll be quite happy as the folks at ubisoft brought back everything from the original: the freerunning, the awesome battle system, great story backdrop. but it also perfected things like the number of collectables, and the number of types of different missions you can take up with all of your assassin skills.

yes, the collectables, for everyone like me who thought that trying to find 950 different flags across three cities and the space inbetween was dang retarded, they dropped the number down to 100 😀 yup, just 100 find em fer no reason feathers! a few statues and a few challenge areas with a special prize at the end, I won’t spoil the happiness for you nerds 😉  (but hooray for fan service!)

new to the mix is having money! with this new found tool, you can buy new weapons and armor, hire help (guards just can’t stay focused on you when a pretty ho walks up to them), or even… THROW IT ON THE GROUND!! and no, it’s not just fan service to SNL, this acts as yet another tool of subterfuge, with all of ten florins on the3 ground, everyone in the area will immediately run and start trying to get as much as they can, sometimes guards even fall to your trap.,. you can do this while trying to escape to get  peasants to block the path behind you, If you can’t escape on your own, that is.

Story wise, this game is even better than its predecessor, twisting in more of actual day happenings to the historical plots it focuses on. I won’t break too much to you all, but I will say that Desmond is AWESOME!

I could go on for a while, but I should get back to class now, so without any more ado:


Dragon Age: Origins

two words… “Ep Pic” ok, so I cheated, but ya I’d have to say this game is freakin’ amazing! super character customization, great storyline/graphics, good interaction between characters; this is the best ever, bioware has gone beyond their usual good/evil scale and switched to the much more realistic and fun personal influence engine.  As you go through the game and interact with your characters allies and followers, their opinion of you changes.  The more you do things that make them happy the more fully they follow.

with good use of spells and skills, enchanting method perfect, battles that pose actual challenges and destroy you if you have no strategy, it has all the things that make RPG gamers like myself giddy. and that is why, five-of-five is the score it’s getty(s)

ok, so I fail at rhyme 😛

ne way, till next time(expect Assassins Creed 2)


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